Land of Dreams

“Land of Dreams” is out everywhere. Here’s the tracklist:

  1. Star
  2. Doing It Together
  3. The Morning Was on Fire (Remix)
  4. Calling Me
  5. I Feel Light (Remix)
  6. Me Encanta Como Eres
  7. Deep Sea Diver
  8. God Help Me Now
  9. Supernatural Animal
  10. Out of the Rain
  11. Imaginary Places
  12. World is Spinning
  13. When I Think of You

All songs by Dynasty Electrik

Jenny Electrik – vocals, theremin, guitar; Seth Misterka – sax, guitar, keys, production

Produced 2012-2017, ©Dynasty Electrik

Here’s the story from album producer Seth Misterka:
“The album has come together in a most interesting way, growing out of another project, and taking on a life of it’s own.  I was putting together a compilation of Dynasty Electrik material, and I started making some remixes of older songs.  Before I knew it, I had not only remixes of older tracks but a whole collection of new ones as well.  And so the album went from being a compilation to being a completely new album.  It followed us around as we travelled from New York City to Brevard, North Carolina. The bulk of it was produced in San José del Cabo, Mexico, and it was completed in Los Angeles, California.   I’ve been involved in a quite a few albums over the years, and I’ve never seen a project take on a life of it’s own in this way before.”

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