February 21, 2017


Dynasty Electrik music in TV, Film & Internet

*We have a large catalog of music available. Contact dynastyelectric@gmail.com

– Victoria’s Secret National Television Commercial- “Rockitship” 

– Bath & Bodyworks International Television Commercial-  “Eye Wide Open”  

– Victoria’s Secret International Television Commercial- “Just Like That”

– MTV2  Video Music Awards Television Promo- “Hypnotized”

– Dark a Nick Basile Independent Film- “Out of the Rain” 

– Avon Cosmetics Internet- “Beautiful RMX”

– Microsoft Surface Application- Supersonic” 

– Victoria’s Secret Internet- “Golden Arrows” 

– Visa Campaign Internet – “Electric Love”

– Symphony Video Game Trailer- “Electric Love”

– Kohl’s Fashion Week Video- Closer to Contact 

– We Are Park Video- Closer to Contact