Land of Dreams is Now Available on Pledge Music

We are very pleased to announce that our new album ‘Land of Dreams’ is now available on Pledge Music!  When you join us on Pledge, you’ll receive an All Access Pass with an immediate download of the album, and lots of exclusive photos, music, and other content. You can also pre-order CDs, LPs, T-Shirts, jewelry and more:

We created our new album as we travelled across the country and into Mexico over the last several years.  It was a magical adventure filled with amazing places and people and we played and wrote songs along the way. It all began in in a studio in New York City and moved with us to Massachusetts, North Carolina, Baja California, and Los Angeles, The music reflects our journey and is eclectic and diverse, exploring rock, electronic, pop, jazz, Latin, and folk.  The songs we’re written organically, and the album emerged. It was finished with love in L.A., where we are currently creating and dreaming.

There is no better way to support our music directly than by joining us on Pledge.  We are an independent music band so we truly appreciate the support. And a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the ACLU.

Thank you so much


Seth and Jenny

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